The Best Smart Suitcase Options For Travelling Abroad

  • August 12, 2020

Travelling is all fun until you have to carry tons of suitcases along with you. It is where it gets annoying. However, people are always looking for potential solutions and that is how the concept of the smart suitcase is born. Pretty much everything is getting smart these days then why not smart suitcase? But do they really help you to ease your travelling? Read this article to find out whether it does or not.

What Are Smart Suitcases?

Smart suitcases mean that suitcases have embedded technological features in it, which makes it intelligent for the people to use it effectively. Features such as built-in chargers, locks, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi connection, GPS tracking, app-controlled remotes and many more. They are more portable and have anti-theft features to ensure security. These features make the suitcases smart or intelligent that will make travelling easier than ever.

The Best Smart Suitcase Options:

Samsara Carry On Suitcase

Along with being lightweight and fireproof, Samsara carry-on suitcase has embedded technology, which makes it a smart suitcase. It has led lights that switch automatically in dark, it also has a smartphone app, which alerts you in case of suitcase activity and tells you the distance. Along with these smart features, Samsara has a gorgeous metallic structure that gives the suitcase sleekness. It comes in metallic silver and black colors. Although it is smart, however, it is quite pricey. If you are on a tight budget this option might not be suitable for you.


This is yet another smart suitcase, which is motorized. Yes, you read it right, instead of you carrying it; Modabag will carry you because it is rideable. It has USB charging ports and GPS track, which you can monitor via a smartphone app. The design is also very cool and the color available is matte black. However, this is also on an expensive side but if you can afford to have it then it is a great choice.

Victorinox Lexicon Suitcase

It is a good choice because it has some amazing features and looks fantastic. But not only that, but it is also lightweight! The design of this durable suitcase is smooth and minimal making it look pretty and highly functional at the same time. It has super recessed handles and wheels which maximizes total capacity. You can easily carry extra stuff, it is spacious. However, some users are bothered with too many zippers. Further, 360-degree wheels make it very easy for anyone to roll it through surfaces. It contains USB port too for connection to a power pack of your choice. 

Arlo Skye Frame Suitcase:

It looks simply gorgeous as it is made up of aluminum frame; aluminum shell and aluminum cover for corners. Every part of the suitcase is color-matched, including high-quality hand-stitched leather handles. The aluminum frame is combined with two integrated locks, which require a code to unlock, thus making your stuff inside secured. The usage of high-quality wheels makes it easy for users to roll through surfaces without making any sound. It also has a lightly fast charger for your phone, your phone will be charged inside one hour.

The only issue with smart suitcases is their price range. Most of them are on the expensive side than the regular suitcases which results in people naturally inclining towards regular suitcases for travelling. However if you can afford, they do provide ease in travelling.

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