7 Best Vacation Destinations for Animal Lovers

  • July 23, 2020

If you are an animal lover and want to go to a vacation where you can fulfil your desire to travel and see beautiful places but also see animals, then these 7 places are the best places to visit. Pack your bags and be ready for a trip of a lifetime. Thanks to our supporters at Grasslands Environmental for making this post possible.

Aoshima, Japan

Japan, the home of hello kitty, has almost double the number of cats than humans. Nearly 16 islands in Japan own more cats than humans but the most famous is Aoshima where per person there are 6 cats. Talk about cat power. With cat cafes available at almost every corner Japan embraces its felines.

Sydney, Australia

Australia, in itself is a country that is the home of the most amazing creatures from kangaroos to snakes to mighty whales. Whales, orcas, and so many more sea creatures are observed and watched in their natural habitat without any interference. Australia has a vast wildlife population in its outlands.

Playa Azul, Mexico

Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches where thousands of turtles swim up to shore and lay their eggs. It’s a beautiful sight to see baby turtles swimming back to sea with some help from humans. This beach is also a great place to bring your pets to play around in the water.


Cows are considered sacred in this part of the world. This is why, if you travel to India, you will see multiple cows walking on the streets, and no one will say anything as they are considered holy creatures. These cows are protected by the government and cannot be sacrificed for any purpose. You can find hundreds of different species of cows in India that are literally considered as god.

Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

These places in South America are famous for their alpacas and llamas roaming freely. These animals are the most docile and friendly animals to exist but do remember, if you threaten them or harm them they will spit in your face! Or worse hit you with their head. So beware and respect boundaries’, just like humans!

The Philippines

This being an island, you will see a variety of ocean-related animals that you can visit and take part in interacting with them. Here you can swim with sharks and other sea creatures with an experienced guide who will keep you safe and give you the experience of a lifetime.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is the biggest rainforest in the world housing the largest animal kingdoms. Its variety in animal species and variety is something to be marvelled at. With an experienced guide, you can venture into the forest seeking to find the rarest of species.

There are many more places all over the world that house the most amazing animals and all you need to do is book a trip there. Just know and understand that if you do go there, you need to be respectful of the locals as they can be your best guide to animals in their respective country.…